Thursday, May 20

4 Months Old

I can't believe you are 4 months old already, time is sure flying by.  You are just the sweetest baby girl.  You hardly ever cry and just lay back and take things in.  You grab at everything now and when I hold you, you hang onto my shirt.  You helped me flash everyone at the mall the other day!  That was fun!

I started cloth diapering you this month.  You don't care either way.  Your little legs are getting so chubby ;)  

4 Month Dr. Update:
13lb 15.5oz (75%)
25.5 " long (95%)
41.2 head cir (average)

The Dr. said you are doing great and sleeping REALLY well.  He emphasized the "really".  He said I can start you on solids anytime now.  I just don't know if I want you to be that big yet.  I think you're really going to like it though and maybe I should give it a shot.  With your brother, I was always pushing him to the next level (although as independent as he is, it doesn't take much pushing) ... I think for you, I'm going to be holding you back because I want to keep you my baby forever.

Friday, May 14


Last night was the last night that you were swaddled.  You are no longer liking it as much and prefer to chew/suck on your hands and fingers while trying to fall asleep.  You are also becoming very good at self soothing and putting yourself to sleep.  Your bottom 2 teeth are just about to pop threw.  We'll see how long they take to come in.  You are just the sweetest, most content baby.  You lay on your blanket and just watch the world around you.  Very seldom do you cry.  Mostly when you are tired or poopy.  Good-ness you cry when you have pooped.  WOW!  It's ear piercing!  Ha, ha.

You also started this week rubbing your eyes when you get tired.

How to make Lee feel better...

Tonight we went over to the neighbors house for dinner to celebrate Jon's birthday.  We all had fun and when it was time to go, Lee was pretty upset.  He was having too much fun.  As he was getting his shoes on, he asked "Mommy, can you sing me a song to make me feel better?".  So I asked him what song he would like me to sing... he said "spiderman can do it, nobody can".  So I sang it and he started laughing with tears in his eyes.  That boy melts my heart!  He is just too sweet sometimes! 

Sidenote: I can't believe that "spiderman" is the song he chooses to make himself feel better...

Another reason I could give Lee a big smack-a-roo kiss on his cheek is because last night was the 2nd night in a row that he woke up at 1am to use the potty all by himself.  He is staying dry during the day and nap now 100% of the time.  Nighttime seems to be getting closer and closer everyday!  I am SO proud of him!  SO proud!

Winner vs. Loser

Have you ever played the original Super Mario Bros Cart video game?  Then you know what Luigi says when you select to be him to race in the game.

Here was a conversation between Lee and Steve!
Steve:  Lee, lets race to the fire hydrant.
Lee: Ok.
Steve: Who do you think will win?  Daddy or Lee?
Lee: (In the most perfect Luigi voice ever) I'mma gonna weeeeeein!

A-ha, ha, ha, ha!

Thursday, May 13

My Dear Sweet Baby Boy - The Green Bean Story

A few afternoons ago, you decided that you no longer wanted to eat green beans.  You have loved them 1,462 time prior to this afternoon, but all of a sudden you no longer like green beans.  Here's how our afternoon went:
Lee: I'm all done.
Mommy: No Lee, please eat your green beans, then you can get down.
Lee: No, I want a treat!
Mommy: You can have a treat after you finish your green beans.
Lee: NOOOOOOO!!!!!
Lee: I'm too tired to eat my green beans.
Me: Well, just eat them quickly and you can go take a nap. (this is usually his nap time after lunch).
Lee: No, I can't do it.  I'm toooooo tired.
Steve: Well, then you'll have to eat your green beans after your nap.  (This was a mistake that we will never do again).
Lee: Ok! (Gets down and goes upstairs).
Steve: Lee, remember after your nap, you have to finish your green beans before anything else to eat.
Lee: Yep, ok Dad.  Yep, Uh huh.  Ok.
Steve: (phone rings, he gets a call and leaves for work).
Lee goes down for nap.  12:30pm

3:30pm - Lee wakes up from nap.
Lee: I'm hungry.  I want a snack.
Me: (remembering what Steve said...) you have to finish your green beans before you can have anything else.
Lee: NOOOOO... I no like green beans.
Me: Lee, there's only (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... 7) 7 green beans to eat.  Just eat them quick and you can have something else.
Lee: (sits in his chair and starts throwing them on the floor).
Me: ( buckle him in his chair realizing there's a battle up ahead)
Me: (then picks up his green beans off the floor and puts them back on his plate).
*side note: Lee licks and eats everything and I'm pretty sure at that point and time my floor was fairly clean.*

Fast forward to 6pm.  Steve is back from work.  Lee is .. dum-ditty-dum .. still in his chair.  He finally gets hungry enough to eat the 7 green beans and then gets a full plate of dinner, which he devours.

Now, this story is not over yet.  Fast forward some more with me to last night grocery shopping.  We are in the vegetable isle.  Lee is in the grocery cart.  I am pushing the cart.  Elsie is asleep in her car seat.  I have my list.  I'm not paying much attention to Lee, just focusing on the things I need, and trying to get out of the store.  We happen to pass the "green bean" section of canned items.

Lee: Mommy, look, my favorite beans!
Me: (staring at him in complete and udder shock)
Lee: can we buy some green beans?
Me: No, you wouldn't eat them last time.
Lee: No, I love green beans.
Me: (still staring at this human form of a boy that resembles my son, not really knowing what to say)
Lee: (SCREECHING as loudly as he can) I WANT MY GREEN BEANS, please Mommy!
I bought him 2 cans.  Then ran home so I could reassemble my jaw correctly.  It seems the bottom portion fell off.

Last note: I was never planning on giving Lee green beans ever again, to avoid the above scenario from happening, ever again.

Thursday, May 6

Naughty Boy!

Apparently it was fun today for Lee to run away from me through the parking lot while I chased after him screaming... that was fun!  Thank goodness I was with my friend Amy and she stayed by Elsie while this happened, because otherwise, she would have been left alone on the sidewalk.  I was just telling someone how he's so good about not going in the street... guess I spoke too soon.  Ouy.  Parenting Lee might kill me............

Tuesday, May 4

A New Game!

Today you played a new game... you started repeating everything I said.  We laughed and laughed so hard!  You also are loving baseball.  You're getting pretty good at hitting and throwing too!  We had such a fun evening tonight!  Love you ;)

I forgot something..

Lee ate GRAPES for the first time yesterday!  I give Steve all the credit!!  He's the man!  He made it happen!  Lee TRIED them and he LIKED them!  Although today I couldn't get him to eat them again... but hey, he tried them yesterday and that's all that matters!!

Monday, May 3


 I am so proud of you going on the toilet.  You are completely trained during the day... nighttime will take a few years I'm afraid.  You are just such a sound sleeper.  When Daddy or I go in to have you go potty, you stay almost completely asleep.  Although last night you attacked me and started kicking.  I think this is why you've been such a challenge lately... you are not sleeping nearly as much as you should.  You wake up from nap when you have to go potty.  It's been about a week now since you've had an accident during nap time.  But you're 3 hour nap has become 2 hours.  Then at night, I wake you up around 11pm when I go to bed, then Daddy wakes you up at 4:30am when he goes to work.  So that's two times during the night that you're being disturbed.  So, hopefully you'll start getting used to less sleep and not so crabby during the day ;D  PLEASE...

We have gone everywhere though, 2 hour car trips, grocery shopping, to the park and you have told me every time that you have to go potty.  You really are such a good sport about it!  I'm so proud of you!

The picture above was taken at a local park where you played hard for about 4 hours.  You can see the proof all over your face, how much fun you were having.  You were loving the dirt, water, sand and grime!

Blog Change

I decided that I just want to maintain one blog... so I included everything from Elsie's blog altogether, because she only had 11 posts... and from Lee's blog, I added in all from 2010. So... please just visit this blog to see ALL Schweig news :)