Sunday, July 31

Dog Sitting...

Does anyone ever dog sit?
We have 2 Cocker Spaniels (Teal'c & Dakota) and when we get a third one added to the mix, it's just craziness. This weekend we are sitting for Golden Lab Puppy (Calie). A guy Steve works with had to go out of town, so we said we would watch her for him. She's 4 months old and just the sweetest thing ever.

Here's a picture of Teal'c, Dakota & Calie.
We had lots of fun watching them chase, climb & drool all over each other (And by the way - they smell really bad!) ;)
I'll update again soon! ~ Sara

Thursday, July 28


We decided about a month ago to put in new floors. This was a very tough decision because we don't have a lot of money and we wanted to do it right. We are planning on moving sometime early next year and we need our house to look good when we decided to sell it. So we looked into Hard Wood Floors, Tile & Laminate Flooring. We found Laminate Flooring to be the winner! We LOVE it! We are still finishing up little areas here and there, but we are SO glad we decided to do this. It's also nice because of my allergies too :)

This is what our Living Room used to look like. We painted the walls from that UGLY orange (It doesn't look so bad on the photos, but it was bad in real person).

This is our Kitchen/Dining Room. This area and the living room is one big open space. They are connected. Once again... Walls were painted.

This is the Living Room after we put in the new floors and painted.

This is the new Dining Room/Kitchen after we made all the changes.

Let's Try This Again...

Hello -
As you can see I created this blog a while ago but didn't keep up with it (which I said I would on the post before this one). I am awful at this. It looks so easy when I see other peoples posts but then I can't seem to find time to update one myself. Sorry again. I love reading Steph, Crystal & Kim's Blogs. So, I will try one more time to try to keep up with this. I apologize in advance if I don't keep up with it. I didn't even tell anyone when I started it because I wanted to see if I would keep up with it before I told anyone (which I didn't keep up with it). Anywhoo... Nothing really new here. Still working on our floors. I will post some pictures so you can see them a little later tonight.
Talk you you later :)