Wednesday, June 20

Happy Father's Day!

Steve's first Father's Day!! We went to my Dad's for Father's Day and Lee was a big pain in the petoonia (crying a LOT) so we didn't stay that long, plus we were exhausted and it was too hot to be outside. But while we were there it was great seeing everyone and hanging out.

I forgot my camera at home so I didn't get any Father's Day pictures with my Dad or Grandpa :( Here is a picture I took of Steve and Lee while we were at home.

Saturday, June 2

Catching Up...

I'm catching up on both my blogs... last night we went to Kelly's graduation and I realized there were a few events that I missed, so I'm going to catch up on those right ... now... read below ;0)

Kelly's Graduation!

Congratulations to the new high school graduate!! WHOO-HOO!!!

It seems like just yesterday she was learning to talk and walk, and now she has her diploma and is officially an adult! YIKES... ;0) Steve and I (and I know my parents too) are SO proud of her! Great job Kelly!
After the ceremony, Steve, me, my Dad, my step-mom, Jack, Kelly & Grandma Graetz all went out to eat at Applebees to celebrate. YUMM... thanks Mom & Dad for dinner ;0)

Kelly's Prom

Kelly and a few of her girlfriends decided to go to prom together. Here are a few pictures of her prom "day" lol. They had their prom at Wild West Town in Union. See pictures below ;0)

Kelly getting her hair done at JC Penny!

Make up time!

Isn't she beautiful?!?! She looked amazing!!

The family :)

Me and Kell!

3 Friends!