Friday, June 25

First 3-D Movie

Lee and I went and saw Shrek 4 last night.  We were waiting for our power to come back on and got tired of the heat.  Steve and Elsie joined us for dinner, but Elsie was being a crab, so Steve took her home.  The best part about this was it was 3-D.  I recommend seeing all movies this way if you can!

I wasn't sure if 3-D was a good idea because Lee keeps sunglasses on for all of 3 minutes, but he did awesome!  He kept the glasses on the whole time and was shocked when stuff started popping off the screen.  I was laughing when he would reach out to try to touch something or look to his left/right when things would fly off the screen and then they disappeared.  He kept asking "where'd it go?"  He was so cute.

He also looked like a miniature Buddy Holly in his 3-D glasses ;)  SO FUN!

Next up: Steve is going to take Lee to see Toy Story 3.  He really wants to take him to see that movie himself.  So they might be going in a few weeks.

3 Years Old!

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I'll do his actual party post soon.  I can't believe how much you've changed in one year.  M'Liz says years 2 to 3 are the biggest change and I have to agree with her.  You just seem HUGE from one year ago.  I love you buddy!