Wednesday, October 20

LC is 9 Months Old!

  El's you're 9 months old now.  How fast the time is flying by.  You have brought so much sunshine and laughter to our house, I am so thankful every day to have you.  You and Lee get along so well together.  He is starting to realize you're growing up and is not put up with you as much anymore.  However, he is still the first person you see every morning because he loves going into your room to "wake" you up.

 I haven't written in here for awhile, so I'm going to catch everything up to date hopefully. 

August 4th - Sat up for the first time by yourself.  You really didn't know how to "sit", but you could sit yourself up, try balancing for a few moments and then finally topple over to do it all over again.

August 22nd - Start army crawling.  You have the perfect army crawl down!  You are fast too.  You can get across a room in just a few seconds.

You officially started crawling just last week.  Now that is mostly what you use to get from point A to point B.

August 31st - Started eating puffs and got the hang of it.  You would put a puff in your mouth and spit it out because it was different.  This day, you really started taking them in your mouth and chewing them. 

Although as of today, you still don't have any teeth.  You can eat quite a bit of food though. You tried cottage cheese today for the first time and loved it!

September 6th - crawled 4 crawls on your hands and knees for the first time.

Shortly after this is when you started pulling up on furniture.  I don't have the exact date :(

September 27th - Started walking along the couch.

Your first word was "Mama".  You started whining quite a bit when we were feeding you.  So I started teaching you sign language so you could maybe start telling us what you want.  It took only a few times and you got "more" and "all done" down.  So now when you want more of something, you will sign "more".  When it's not the right thing, you will shake your head "no" at us until we get it right.  When you're done and ready to get down, you'll throw your hands in the air and sign "all done".  I'm shocked that at 8 months old, you had this concept down.  The whining while eating has for the most part, stopped.

During meal times, you will drink from a sippy cup.  You haven't really started giving kisses yet.  However, M'Liz taught you how to do bonks, so you ever so gently bonk us on occasion and start laughing.  You think it's hysterical.

Dr. Update:
Height 28 1/4"    Weight 18lb 4oz    Head 44cm

Happy 9 month birthday my sweet beautiful girl.  I love you :)