Monday, October 24

Alanna's 1st Birthday

Alanna turned 1 years old on the 16th of October (it was also Shannon's Birthday too). We went over to Shannon & Iain's new house to celebrate. Here are some pictures.

The 2 Birthday Girls!

Alanna & her Dad Iain. He was helping her blow out her candle. Well, he blew it out for her ;)

Alann getting the idea of what she was supposed to do with the cake.

Alanna & her Grandma Karen.

What a face!!

Clean up time.

It was a great time! We had way too much to eat, and it was great to see Alanna make such a mess. Thanks Shannon & Iain. Happy Birthday to you and Alanna as well!

Thursday, October 20

Sara Needs

I got this off my friend Crystals Blog (if I knew how to link I would link you back to her site, but I don't know how to do that). The object is to open google and type in your actual name and the word "needs" after your name and hit search. See what comes up. Here are some for "Sara Needs".

    • Sara needs a loving, playful home
    • Sara's random ramblings - Because I'm sleep deprived
    • Sara Sanctuary
    • Governator bashing: Sara needs to learn how laws are made
    • Sara has been waiting since July 2005
    • Problem Solving - SARA
    • SARA Scanning and Reading Appliance Overview
    • Sara Lee: Changing the receipe ... again
    • Sara: The crack den next door
    • SARA Program Proposed Supplement Phase II
    • Sara gets a new life at 50 and is in the ezone
    • Mother Sara and Mrs. Cash

Hmmm, those were ok, but I liked Crystals better. Her link is on the side. You should go check out her site and read her "Needs".

Addicted to TV

Steve used to work really early in the morning so he would go to bed at 6pm each night during the week. That meant I was home with nothing to really do while he slept. So I watched TV. Well, I realized tonight that I watch too much. Steve has a pretty normal work schedule now and we could be doing so many other things.

There are a few shows that I like to watch (ok, more than a few). Over the years I have picked up one show here and there and I really look forward to them each week. Here are the shows that I/we like to watch each week... it's sad I know.

7th Heaven - I've just watched the Camden's too long to stop now. I love the show each week, and the lessons it teaches.

Gilmore Girls - This is a really good show too. I only started watching two years ago. I should get the first couples seasons and watch them since I have missed them.

Amazing Race - This is the coolest show. I love the idea and seeing everyone fight and get frustrated because they can't figure out where they are or how they got lost. I love it!

One Tree Hill - For some reason this high-school drama is so entertaining. I started watching this show from day one, and I am sorry to say I have hooked a many-of-friends into watching. It's very, very high school and very drama!

LOST - I watch this show, week after week, and still I can't tell you really what the plot is about without sounding like a total goob. So I am just going to say, I'll watch until they tell me why the heck these people were able to survive a plane crash & why they are all on this mysterical place/world/island. This show is very frustrating, but very addictive.

Survivor - Ah, survivor. There is a funny story behind this show. On our honeymoon (yes, our honeymoon), Steve was all excited because there was going to be this brand new type of show that was called "Survivor" - reality based. He told me the gist of it and we eagerly awaited the first episode. We waited for the premier in our log cabin in Oklahoma and watched. And hooked we were for the first season. The seasons after we didn't watch, until my sister Kelly was talking about it with my parents last year. I realized that I really liked that show and so we started watching last season and are watching this season as well.

Reba - This is just a very cute, light-hearted show. I laugh almost the whole time it's on.

Other shows that we will occasionally watch if they are on and there is nothing else to watch: Everybody Loves Raymond and FRIENDS.

Yikes, I need to change this a little. I need to reprioritize my schedule so we're not sitting infront of the TV all night. I feel like I did so much more before I watched all these shows. It is fun though, plus I'm getting Steve addicted ;)

Smell the Strawberries

Isn't the Strawberry Shortcake doll the best smell ever? I wish they made candles that smelled like strawberry shortcake. I think she was my favorite TV cartoon character.

Wednesday, October 12


I had a very busy day at work today and I haven't been feeling the greatest lately either. This flu bug has been going around here like crazy. So to say the least, I didn't feel like coming home and doing my normal "Wifely" thing.

Well, when I came home I couldn't believe what I saw (without me having to ask too!) Steve had picked up, did the dishes and was cooking dinner. To top that all off he had a dozen roses sitting on the kitchen table for me. He said that it was to help me feel better (aww). He is just the greatest! Thank you honey :)

Saturday, October 1

My Sister Kelly

Tonight was my sister Kelly's Homecoming Dance. She's already a Junior this year (I can't believe it). Here are some pictures from tonight (thanks Mom & Dad for sending me the pictures).
My Mom doing Kelly's Hair.
Kelly in her dress. Isn't she beautiful!!

Kelly & her date Jeff.

Hope you had fun Kelly! Thanks again for the pictures :)


Well, I was tagged by Kim to post my 5 favorite cleaning agents. Here goes...

1. Wisk Laundry Detergent (It smells SO good).
2. Fabreeze (to get the doggie smell out of the couch).
3. Palmolive Original Scent Dish Soap
4. Clorox Color Bleach
5. Scrub-N-Bubbles for the Bathrooms