Thursday, April 24

Random 10!

I have 10 random... random thoughts!

1) 80's and early 90's music is the best ever?? I could listen to it everyday, all day and not get sick of it. One bit!

2) I believe they have simply run out of good ideas to make movies with. Nothing looks "sooooo good" anymore.

3) Bears, Lions and Tigers EAT PEOPLE!! We are simply their food. That is why we should leave them out in the wild and not tame them so we can all gawk and watch them "preform". They don't like that. They want to be left alone, they told me so!

4) Laundry never ends. There is always something to wash, no matter how many loads you do.

5) Flip flops were the best thing ever invented. Right after the epidural.

6) I wish I could cook better. I want to learn new recipes, but I want them to be easy. I don't like complicated cooking.

7) I would like a clear explination, in lamen terms (which I'm not sure what that means), as to why gas prices are so stinkin high. Everyone is shocked that they are "record high" but don't offer an explination that I can understand. Maybe it's meant to be that I don't understand.

8) I believe Spring has finally showed up. I'm so excited! Mother nature didn't let us down afterall. Thank you!! ;)

9) Why is it no matter who Lee is with I am always looking for him. Wherever I go without Lee, I still panic when he's not there behind me, like I lost him. It's the strangest feeling ever. I panicked tonight when I got my hair done because he wasn't in the back seat. Just for a second, but this still did cross my mind "oh my gosh, Lee's not in the car, where is he?". I'm loosing it, it's ok, you can admit it. No arguments here.

10) I have officially become one of those people who's whole life has come to a complete stop, unless you want to talk about babies. Then I have plenty to talk about. It's sad... I hope to get my life back soon :)

Tuesday, April 8

New Floor

Steve was able to do more work on our dining room floor. It is SO awesome.

Tuesday, April 1

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

We had a low-key Easter here at the house. Steve's Mom and Jim were in town and staying with us (kinda) and they had been driving quite a bit to get here, so we decided to not travel any further and just spend it here. It was so nice and relaxing. Jim made a awesome ham in the crock-pot (with raisins) and Steve made the rest of the dressings. While we were waiting for everything to cook, we decided to take some pictures (I wanted to get Lee's 9 month pictures done) and I wanted to get some pictures of Steve's Mom and Jim together too. Here's how it turned out.
Pam and Racheal were over the day before Easter to visit. This was taken inside Mom's new fancy-schmancy 38' RV.

Me and Lee. This is also my new hair do!

Steven Lee and Lee. Hee, hee. Man they look so much alike.

Isn't he SO CUTE? I love him!!!

I was testing my lense when I took this picture, but it turned out SO CUTE!

Jim... look over here!

Yoo-hoo, Jim, over by the person with the camera...

Ah, the trick to get Jim to look at the camera is to get rid of the kid! Aren't they sweet??

Lee is currently sitting on his easter basket from my parents.

Still sitting on the basket. Hmmm... I tried to get him to hold it, which he did... in his mouth. I then tried to take that stinkin egg away so I could get a picture with his easter basket, he then crawled away after me to get the egg back.

Oh well, maybe next year you get to see his easter basket, when it's not crushed by his ogre sized body

Happy easter everyone! We missed you ;)