Sunday, May 13

Mother's Day 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

We started out Mother's Day visiting my Mom at her house. We brought over bagels and we all had breakfast together. My Mom, Rick and Sister Donika then had to leave to go to my Aunt Helma's, so Steve and I ventured over to my Uncle Chuck's house for a surprise birthday party for my Grandma Graetz. We had a ton of fun seeing everyone one and hanging out. It was a beautiful day, so we were able to spend most of the day outside.

Nika, Me & my Mom

Steve & Lucy (my Mom & Nika's dog)

I didn't get any pictures from my Grandma Graetz's party which is a bummer (sometimes I feel like I'm annoying everyone with my camera). There are pictures out there, so if you have any and are reading this, please e-mail me some so I can add them to my post.

I hope that everyone had a great Mother's Day :D