Monday, November 27

A Day of Hiking!

It was a beautiful day on Friday so we decided to go hiking instead of shopping. We had such good weather! You can see in the first picture that there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Below are pictures I took while Steve, Kelly and I were out.

Tuesday, November 7


Has anyone ever noticed how a 4 year old resembles a conartist? They are the biggest coneyevers I have ever seen. They will do anything to do the opposite of what you asked them to do... Here are the converstions I have all day long:
- "Clean up your mess"
- "Clean up what you just played with"
- "Clean up what you just spilled"
- "Clean up after yourself"
- "Clean up what you were just playing with, before you play with something else"
- "Please keep your hands to yourself"
- "We are not playing tag inside"
- "We don't play weapons in school"
- "We don't play hide-N-seek"
- "Stop drawing on yourself, we only color on paper"
- "Don't pick your nose"
- "Wash your hands"
- "Wash your hands WITH soap"
- "No running inside"
After each one of those commands comes the following: "well, I'll only do that if you do "this"". That is pretty much what I hear all day long. It's like argueing with myself. LOL!

Anyone that thought I would be good at this job... you should just come visit to watch me scold all day long ;0). I know that they are probably still testing me to see what they can get away with, but it's pretty funny how I can carry on 5 different conversations and not get one thing accomplished!! Ouy vey - LOL!! I just thought I would update you on my new job, which I know you can't tell by my post, but I really, really do like it alot!!