Thursday, April 26

Downtown Chicago!

My friend Brooke and her super cute daughter Aimee came into town for the Baby Shower and while they were here we were able to squeeze in a trip to the city. We were supposed to go to the Shedd but I didn't check when it was closing and we didn't have enough time. So we ended up going to Navy Pier and having lunch. After lunch we let Aimee have a little fun. She was SO well behaved all weekend long and I felt bad that we couldn't go to the Shedd... below are some pictures and comments of what we did.

Brooke, Aimee & Me

Aimee & Brooke riding the Merry-Go-Round.

Brooke & Aimee at lunch, she was being REALLY silly ;0)

Another silly picture of Aimee at lunch!

After lunch we found a build-a-bear and Aimee wanted to build a frog called "Ribbit". He's super soft and almost as big as Aimee is. This is Aimee giving Ribbit a big hug after she put 4 hearts in him ;) I think my neice Kayleigh might have rubbed off on Aim's because Kayleigh LOVES frogs, they are her absolute favorite. Hee, hee...

This is a very good description of how we all felt after our trip to the city. LOL... Brooke and I both felt like crawling in the back and taking a nap with Aimee. She was passed out!

Thanks Brooke and Aimee for coming and visiting, I had a SO much fun!

Reno, Nevada

Steve had some management training in Reno for 2 weeks and I decided to join him for the first week. Reno was not what I was expecting at all... I was thinking it would be a huge college town with a little bit of Las Vegas mixed in. It was a lot like Old downtown Las Vegas ... just different from what I was expecting.

On Sunday Steve had the day off from training so we drove for about 30 minutes and went to Lake Tahoe. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It's a HUGE area for skiing/snowboarding so there are ski lodges everywhere. It's just awesome ;) See below for some pictures from Sunday.