Monday, January 23

20 Radom Steve "Things"

Crystal posted a very, very sweet message about her husband Scott... and I thought, "I wonder what some random things she could come up with, to post about him".

Well, I can't do one for Scott, but here's a list of 20 random things about Steve:
* His favorite chore is to vacuum.
* He LOVEs to take bathes (with bubbles).
* He has ugly toes.
* He has beautful blue eyes. They're the coolest color blue!
* I had to teach him how to blow his noes.
* He told me 2 weeks after being friends with him in High School, that he would marry me someday, and that scared the life out of me!
* He knows a LOT of random things, and if he doesn't know, he'll make it up. Although he is getting much better, because I have been second guessing him, asking him "how do you know that?".
* When he's mad/angry, his ears (and only his ears) get very, very red (almost purple).
* He remembers everything from High School and it facinates me. (Ex: Can name all the planets in the solar system).
* I have never seen him embarassed or shy. I'm very jealous of those 2 things. I'm both... a LOT.
* He knows exactly what I'm thinking, when I'm thinking it and I don't have to say a thing.
* He loves Spaghetti O's.
* He hates putting his head under water. He won't swim with his head under.
* He can fix anything.
* He loves Dairy Queen and vanilla milk shakes.
* He is very picky about his socks. He usually pulls them off and puts them on 2x a day because of the stitching in the toe.
* He cannot touch his toes.
* He doesn't know his months of the year in order.
* He's the best husband!

Ok, now it's your turn. Crystal, Steph & Brooke, post some random things about your husbands, if you want to ;)

Tuesday, January 17

Afternoon In The Park

A couple weeks ago Shannon, Steve & I went to the park with Alanna and I got picture happy. Here are some pics from our visit :)

Friday, January 13

How We Spent Our Day Today...

There once was a man named Steve. He got ready for work and to leave. Thank God for his luck, he totaled his truck, what a terribly sad man is he!

Steve's truck is on the left.

After spending this morning, watching as they took the reports and towed away Steve's truck, it seems so much better now. I was standing there looking at the sheet metal all scrambled together (the pictures doesn't do justice) and couldn't imagine Steve in the middle of it all. Good news is; he is perfectly fine and he will be staying home tomorrow (Friday) from work to relax.

Tuesday, January 10

Dream House

I think I found my dream house. It has EVERYTHING that I could possibly want. I'm trying really hard to convince Steve to build but he's exteremly nervous, plus my Dad warned us not to do it. Here are the things that I liked:
  • Wrap around porch
  • Lots of windows
  • Bathroom right next to the garage entrance
  • Very big laundry room
  • One big great room, instead of "living room" & "family room" - I don't have enough furniture to fill both.
  • Fireplace
  • I like the step down into the bonus room. My friend Brooke has an awesome house here in Vegas and she has that step down in her living room - I think it's so cool!

Ok that's it. We went to Barnes & Nobles to read some magazines and Steve came across this one (we were supposed to be looking at ideas to fix up our current house). I think he is regretting it now because we will never be able to do this (and I won't shut up), but it's fun to look.

Talk again soon!
PS - Please ignore my spelling, it's late and I'm exhausted.

Wednesday, January 4

Happy New Year!

Nicci, Grant, Chloe & Todd left yesterday :( I wish they could have stayed longer. We had a bunch of fun while they were here. Here are some photos with comments too.
(By the way incase you didn't know... Nicci & Grant are the parents of Chloe & Todd.)

Nicole & Grant

Chloe Dawn

Todd Andrew playing video games

Chloe Playing Slots - what happens in Vegas, stays.

This is a hilarious photo... read his shirt. In case you can't read it, it says "I DO ALL MY OWN STUNTS". He just happened to have it on when Steve & Grant when riding. Chloe & Todd then put the helmets, goggles & gloves on when they were back home.

Chloe - cute as can be.

The Race Team :) They were so cute. These little bodies with HUGE heads. It was very funny.

New Year's Eve I watched Alanna for Shannon. We took some photos then too.

Todd found our NERF guns.

This is Todd Shooting his father (Grant) with the NERF gun.

Nic sitting and relaxing.

Close up of Todd. He's such a polite young man & very handsome too!

Todd's favorite dog was Teal'c. Here's a picture of T & T.

Chloe, the most adorable sweet girl. I should have taken a picture of Nicci & Chloe together. Because, Chloe at age 9 is about 2" shorter than Nicci (hee, hee). Chloe is very tall.

Another picture of Alanna. She's cute as a button :)

New Year's Eve was so much fun. The kids played games and colored. The adults played pool, darts & board games. It was such a great long weekend. Thank you Grant & Nicci for coming.