Tuesday, March 28

Long Distance...

Hi Again,
Sorry it's been so long... I have been very busy. Two weekends ago we (Steve's family & I) had a small going away party for Steve. There are pictures below of that event. We had the party on Saturday and he left the following Monday (one week ago today). It was such a fun get together and I wanted to thank everyone that came. Thank you SO much for coming... it meant so much to him.

On Sunday, we went to Red Rock Canyon to go hiking and was there for 5+ hours... it was a blast. Here are a few pictures from that day.

(Can you find Steve?)Monday, Steve, his Mom & I went to Red Robin for lunch and he left shortly after that. He was able to make it to his brother's house by Wednesday night. His brother Jeff lives about 1.5 hours south of where we will be living. He is in Marble Hill and we will be in Saint Charles.

This last weekend Nicci came to visit from CA and we had a AWESOME girls only weekend ;D. We went to the strip (Margaritaville), shopping... lots and lots of shopping, and we layed out in the sun and tried to get tanner (if that is a word).

I'll try to post again soon!
Love, Sara

Tuesday, March 7

Updates... Prayer

Well, it's been a pretty long time since I have updated. Here is what's been going on:
Steve went for an interview in St. Louis, MO. At first I didn't really care for the idea because this was NOT in our plans. But sometime God doesn't really do what you would like and so it seems we are moving to Missouri. Like I said before... I didn't really care for the idea, but I am getting used to it more and more.
We found Steve an apartment because he is leaving in 2 weeks (which is completly freaking me out because that is REALLY soon). I am excited for him. This will be a good thing because if he completly "hates" his new job than he can quit and we can move to IL like we originally planned ;) Oh, and if you would like to see the apartment we are getting click HERE. We are getting the "Catalina" floor plan. The nice thing about these apartments is, they do month to month... we won't have to sign a lease.
This last weekend was really busy, one of the things we did was have a garage sale. Well, Steve's sister Amy had a garage sale... we just tagged along and through our stuff in there too :) We made quite a bit of money so that's always a good thing. I have never had one before... it was a LOT of fun!!
Our house selling is going ok I guess. We have had a few showings, but to be completly honest, Steve's job went so fast, I would be a complete mess if we had someone buying our house on top of Steve moving. If I could have it my way... Steve will be all moved (in MO), hating his new job and then we sell our house... I think... begining of April-ish. That would be perfect! Anywhoo... we are having an open house next weekend, so maybe we'll hear back more then.
Ok, that is all the posting time I have. I think I have given you all the updates... OH ONE MORE THING.... PLEASE PRAY FOR EMILY... PLEASE DON'T FORGET ABOUT HER!!! She would REALLY, REALLY like to come home, but needs her calcium levels up and stable. To read more about her... Crystal is awesomely good at keeping us up to date, you can click.... HERE!
Ok, Good night, you Princes of Maine... You Kings of New England!