Tuesday, September 29

24 Week Update

Sorry about the background. All the computer stuff is downstairs now in the basement and that is where this was taken. As you can see, my belly is getting bigger and rounder. I feel a whole lot bigger than that, lol. I am getting braxton hicks contractions pretty much every night, but they are few and far between, so I'm not too worried about them. Also, having a lot of pressure "down". Other than that feeling great!!

Friday, September 11

22 Week Appointment

If you haven't already heard through Facebook, we're having a GIRL! The Dr. gave us a 90% chance it's a girl, because she didn't see any "parts". However, "parts" can hide and surprise you at delivery. So we'll have to see. HB was 137 on the ultrasound and 152 on the monitor. Baby was also measuring a full week behind schedule which is fine, she'll just be on the small side I guess. We'll see.

We have also come up with a name! It was a lot easier this time around than with Lee. Elsie Rose will be her name. Elsie is another form of Elizabeth (which there are a lot of on both Steve and my side) and Rose is after my Grandma Schumacher.

I was so excited today that I went out and started shopping. I got some of Elsie's bedding and two blankets. I also got about 5 outfits. It's SO fun shopping for a girl, I love it!

I'll post ultrasound and belly pictures soon. I have to get better about that! Sorry.