Thursday, July 7

4 Years Old!

 My dear sweet baby boy.  You don't care for me calling you that anymore.  You would prefer that I used "big boy" instead.  Ha, ha. 

So much has changed in the last year.  You have just become such a sweet boy!  I was sitting here tonight editing pictures and you just poked your head around the corner.  It's 11:45pm.  You were thirsty and wanted a cup to bring to bed.  You crawled on my lap, and gave me a kiss, then looked at me and smiled.  telling me you love me.  You must have been dreaming in bed about pow-pow's (guns) because you told me about the neighbor boy who has a gun that you lay on the ground with and shoot.  The last 2 times you have played with him, he wouldn't give you a turn and this apparently has wrecked your sleep :). 

To say you are slightly obsessed with pow-pow's, is an understatement!   You have your sister picking up TV remotes and saying "peeechew, peeechew" like she's firing a gun.

Speaking of sharing, you are such an amazing big brother!  You sing to her when she's crying.  You can't wait to get in her room, in the morning.  You are always talking for her, telling me what she needs/wants.  The love you have for her and everyone really shocks me.  Although to be fair, when you get angry, it's just as shocking.  You do everything with your whole heart.  Your new favorite game is to lay on the ground and Elsie will come run and sit/tackle you and you guys laugh and laugh.  Elise has taken to caring for you too.  She will bring you your blanket, cups, food, snacks or the toy you were just playing with.  She still can't say your name and you have noticed this.  She just makes the "L" sound.  Just about 10 times a day, Elsie will walk up to you and lean into you for a hug.  She then goes from saying "awww" to "arughhhghh" because you have squeezed her too tightly. 

You asked me one evening when I was going to be done being married to Daddy because you wanted to marry me.  After I explained that we can't get married, you sighed and then said "ok, I guess I'll just marry Elsie".  Ha, ha.  Can't do that either!  Sorry bud!
You will talk to anyone at anytime.  You definitely have my personality when it comes to wanting to meet new people and have friends.  It takes you all of 10 seconds to make a friend at a park.  If someone were to steal you, I would never know, because you love everyone.  At the sprinkler park, you were shooting a mom, who was reading, with your water gun.  After I explained that she is not dressed to get wet and that it wasn't nice, you went over and apologized to her. 

You love to ride your bike.  This is one of the things that is new this year.  You can peddle a 2 wheel bike with training wheels.  You are really good at it too!  You started to get yourself dressed too.  All the way to putting shoes on.  You get yourself breakfast every morning.  You usually don't come upstairs to get me until after you're done eating.  This is really nice and I would like to tell you, I love it!  Although, when Daddy is home on the weekend, you just can't wait for him to wake up.  My favorite mornings are when I don't realize you're next to me, and when I wake up, you're laying there quietly waiting for me to wake up. 

You're first time bowling was just in May.  Grandma helped you the whole time and you got pretty frustrated when you're ball didn't go where you wanted it to.  All-in-all, you liked it though.

I took these pictures on the 4th of July.  I realized that I hadn't taken you're 4 year pictures and since we were going to watch fireworks, you took a late nap.  It was the perfect time to get you out of the house with just Mommy to snap a few pictures.  You have realized that if you cooperate quickly, we are done in 5 minutes and that is all it takes! 

Last but not least, I don't think I could love you anymore than I already do.  But somehow, tomorrow, I will.  Everyone that you are around tells us how smart you are.  Daddy and I love listening to your talks and watching you figure something out.  We just love YOU!  I can't believe you are 4 years old.  This time is just flying by.   I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  Mommy

Monday, February 7

A half hour of my day... trying to make lunch

It's only 12:45... TWELVE FORTY FIVE... how is this possible?

Here's just a teeny tiny look at what lunch looks like for me today (11:30 am):

Me: Making lunch
Lee: Watching TV
LC: Nipping at my ankles

I put LC in her high chair and Lee's show ends.
I turn on a different show for him.
Go back to getting lunch together for both kids.
LC signals to me in sign that she wants milk.
I give her milk but she throws it on the floor.
Apparently she wanted something else.
I get out a cracker, but she not only wanted one cracker, she wanted the whole sleeve.
There's only 6 crackers left in the sleeve, so I let her have the wrapper.
Go back towards the kitchen and I hear Lee yell out that he pooped.
I go and help him with that situation and fight him to wash his hands.
He has decided that washing of hands is optional.
I get him washed up and out of the bathroom and LC is staring at the floor.
She dumped all her crackers out and they are now all on the floor.
I pick them up and give them back to her
(yes, I'm that kind of mom, sorry),
she takes a bite out of one and throws it on the floor.
It's a fun game.
I suggest everyone tonight at dinner try it!
I look at her and decide to ignore it.
Whatever she wants to do is fine with me.
Go back to making lunch.
Lee comes in he's thirsty.
He gets his milk but it's empty.
Fill that up.
Back to lunch.
LC saw Lee drinking and wanted her milk.
Go over and give her, her cup.
She drinks it and throws it back on the floor.
I know you're shocked... me too.
Lee asks if he can "cup up paper".
I tell him I'm almost done with lunch and that he can cut paper after.
He get his scissors to "put" them where the paper is.
Me not paying attention didn't see he went after my crocheted hat like Edward Scissorhands.
Have Lee clean that up and get lunch on the table.
I sit down to eat with the kids and LC starts turning red in the face.
She's now pooping.
I say a quick prayer that 1:30 (nap time) comes quick so I can sit and stare at the wall.

I might need to run 97 errands when Steve gets home.

Saturday, February 5

My Dear Sweet Baby Boy,

I absolutely love that when you want to talk to God, you will walk over to a window or door and look up at the sky. It must have clicked that we have told you God is in Heaven and Heaven is in the sky. I love the little boy you are becoming... well, most days ;)~

Wednesday, January 26

Love Them!

I love them when they get along and play together. Lee has always been amazing with LC and playing with, sharing with and helping her. I know my days are numbered before the bickering and fighting starts, so I'm enjoying every moment right now.

The other day they had a bath together. I took lots of sweet pictures of them like this...

Oh and then there was this picture... ;)

Wednesday, January 19

Happy Birthday Elsie!

You are officially 1 year old now.

You point to everything and say "this".  You started saying "kiyee ka" (kitty cat) when we were in Las Vegas over Christmas.  Aunt Amy and Uncle Matt have 2 cats and you found them highly amusing.  You are quite the drama queen.  You do not like to be told "no".  Just saying the word "no" to you will usually end up with you crying. 

You like to clap your hands.

You love to cluck your tongue.  You always are following what other people are doing.  You watch everything.  You also like to imitate everyone.  The other night at dinner, Papa went "mmm" after taking a bite of food, and next thing we know you are saying "mmm" to everything.  If I clap, you will clap.  If I squeal, you'll squeal.  If Lee laughs, you laugh too.

You love looking at pictures and point to all the people saying "this?"  meaning "who's this?" and we go through all the people.

You will lay down and snuggle on any blanket on any floor.  You will then follow it up with a "aww" in your cute teeny tiny voice.


Dr. update: 19.4lb   30" tall

We love you so much and can't believe it's already been a year.  Happy birthday El's.

Saturday, January 8

Visiting Santa

Ha, ha, ha!  I love this picture.  There's a good story to this.  We were visiting Steve's family in Las Vegas (we stayed with Matt and Amy) and went to Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef one morning.  Santa just happened to be there, so we payed a visit.  Here's where the story begins.

For the whole month of December all Lee asked for was "star wars toys".  That's all he wanted from Santa.  Everyday was "star wars toys".  We go to see Santa, who happened to be at the shark reef, and Lee tells him "I want a telescope".  WHAT??  Santa = failed, because he brought... (drum roll) ... Star Wars toys.  Has not mentioned a telescope since visiting Santa however, so that worked out good!

Fast forward to this week (2 weeks after Christmas).  We're at a friends house that has a "red airplane".  Insert 3 continuous days of how Lee "has to have" this red airplane.  Steve and I are not buying anymore toys... for a long... long... time.  Lee then said he was going to ask the next person that came to our house for a gift card so he could buy the red airplane.  NO!  <-- our response.  Lee then was throwing a little fit over this "red airplane" and said "why couldn't Santa have brought me a red airplane?" 

Me: Because you wanted Santa to bring you Star Wars toys. 
Lee: ACTUALLY... I asked Santa for a telescope and HE didn't bring me one. 
Me: Um... ahhh... ya.