Monday, March 26

Master Bathroom ... Done!!

We started to tile in the house last weekend. We have carpet in our dining room (right where the sliding glass door is) and it's filthy because of the dogs. Well, before we start the HUGE task of tiling the dining/kitchen room, considering we have never tiled before in our lives, we chose to do our master bathroom first. It's still a big enough area, yet small enough to finish if we get completely overwhelmed we can finish easy enough. It was awesome to have my Dad here to show us (or to show Steve) how to tile. He came over early last Saturday and he and Steve got right to work. Here are some before and after pictures of our bathroom.

Before we tore up the old flooring.

Another view of the bathroom, before w/ old floor.

Steve & my Dad starting the tiling process.

My Dad making some cuts.

The finished floor & bathroom.

The finished "potty" area.

More of the finished bathroom.

Just another view.
Thanks Dad for coming over and showing Steve the how to... You guys did an AMAZING job and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Thanks again for all your help.