Wednesday, January 26

Love Them!

I love them when they get along and play together. Lee has always been amazing with LC and playing with, sharing with and helping her. I know my days are numbered before the bickering and fighting starts, so I'm enjoying every moment right now.

The other day they had a bath together. I took lots of sweet pictures of them like this...

Oh and then there was this picture... ;)

Wednesday, January 19

Happy Birthday Elsie!

You are officially 1 year old now.

You point to everything and say "this".  You started saying "kiyee ka" (kitty cat) when we were in Las Vegas over Christmas.  Aunt Amy and Uncle Matt have 2 cats and you found them highly amusing.  You are quite the drama queen.  You do not like to be told "no".  Just saying the word "no" to you will usually end up with you crying. 

You like to clap your hands.

You love to cluck your tongue.  You always are following what other people are doing.  You watch everything.  You also like to imitate everyone.  The other night at dinner, Papa went "mmm" after taking a bite of food, and next thing we know you are saying "mmm" to everything.  If I clap, you will clap.  If I squeal, you'll squeal.  If Lee laughs, you laugh too.

You love looking at pictures and point to all the people saying "this?"  meaning "who's this?" and we go through all the people.

You will lay down and snuggle on any blanket on any floor.  You will then follow it up with a "aww" in your cute teeny tiny voice.


Dr. update: 19.4lb   30" tall

We love you so much and can't believe it's already been a year.  Happy birthday El's.

Saturday, January 8

Visiting Santa

Ha, ha, ha!  I love this picture.  There's a good story to this.  We were visiting Steve's family in Las Vegas (we stayed with Matt and Amy) and went to Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef one morning.  Santa just happened to be there, so we payed a visit.  Here's where the story begins.

For the whole month of December all Lee asked for was "star wars toys".  That's all he wanted from Santa.  Everyday was "star wars toys".  We go to see Santa, who happened to be at the shark reef, and Lee tells him "I want a telescope".  WHAT??  Santa = failed, because he brought... (drum roll) ... Star Wars toys.  Has not mentioned a telescope since visiting Santa however, so that worked out good!

Fast forward to this week (2 weeks after Christmas).  We're at a friends house that has a "red airplane".  Insert 3 continuous days of how Lee "has to have" this red airplane.  Steve and I are not buying anymore toys... for a long... long... time.  Lee then said he was going to ask the next person that came to our house for a gift card so he could buy the red airplane.  NO!  <-- our response.  Lee then was throwing a little fit over this "red airplane" and said "why couldn't Santa have brought me a red airplane?" 

Me: Because you wanted Santa to bring you Star Wars toys. 
Lee: ACTUALLY... I asked Santa for a telescope and HE didn't bring me one. 
Me: Um... ahhh... ya.

Friday, January 7

Elsie is walking!

Look what my baby girl can do! She start to officially walk more than 3 steps on January 5th. She just gets so proud of herself, I love it! I love her smile.  She is such a sweetheart.

Happy almost 1st birthday.  Only 12 more days!