Sunday, February 21

Belly Button

You lost your belly button tonight while Mommy was changing your diaper. YEAH! Now you can officially have your first bath and not just a sponge bath.

Saturday, February 20

Two and a Half Years Old

Lately you have been SO much fun to be around. I have loved every stage for the most part, but I have to say that you have really impressed me with how big you are getting and understanding things. Here's a few things that have happened in the last few months.

You are a big brother now. You have been such a big helper with Elsie and you love her so much. You still won't hold her, but you ask me all the time where she is and if she's ok. In the mornings you will practically climb into her crib and tell her "it's ok, no crying" and then you tell me "It's ok, I took care of it". You have stopped referring to Elsie as "it" as well. The first couple weeks you would tell me, "Mommy, put it in here" or "Mommy, it wants a binky". Also, the first week Elsie was home, you would come downstairs and say "Who's that?"

Here's a few other updates from the past few months:
Today, you were telling me that you were flying to space and this was your rocket ship, etc. etc. I asked then, what a piece of your rocket ship did and you told me it was your horn. Then you told me it was to do "the horn-ie things".

You wanted to try Elsie's formula so I let you. At first you were like "yumm... good" then you really started to taste it and you started to gag. You then told me it was "disgusting".

You that same day also wanted to try dog food, so I let you. You gagged on that as well and spit it out in the garbage can. I had to then give you strong juice because you wouldn't stop gagging.

One morning after you woke up, you told me "Mommy, I need a cup of sugar in my milk". I had no clue where this came from. After awhile I was making your oatmeal, I turned around and there were eggs and peaches out on the counter. When I asked you what those were for, you told me "Oh, I want eggs and peaches in my oatmeal". Turns out Blue's Clues is to blame for this one. They did an episode about cooking and "seeing what's in the fridge". Another morning you wanted "a little bit of ketchup in my oatmeal". That didn't happen either, just so you know.

Speaking of Ketchup, when we were at the grocery store last weekend, you pointed to this massive big jug of ketchup and said "oh, there's the ketchup". It didn't look like the ketchup bottle at all, it was just the label you recognized.

You sing your ABC's like this: A,B,C,D,E,F,G, now I know my ABC's. However if I sing with you and stop anywhere in the alphabet, you know what letter comes next.

You can count all the way to 13 without mistakes if your not being silly.

You absolutely love, I mean, L.O.V.E. pow-pows. You turn everything and anything into a pow-pow. If we're playing with Legos, you build one... if we're playing with blocks, you use a gun to knock them down. You have even turned my Ziplock baggie wand into a pow-pow as well. This all started at Christmas when Grandma and Papa bought you your first Nerf gun.

You have turned into a little negotiator. I always give you warnings... "One more minute until bed". "Five more minutes until we leave". Etc. Now you will say to me "One more minute Mommy and we leave". Sometimes it's after I said we need to leave, other times it's randomly placed in our day when we're not leaving at all.

You also will put yourself in time-out which makes me second guess the whole "time-outs for punishment" thing. We use a little mat that Crystal gave us it's a tiger. If I see you sitting there, I will ask you "why are you in time-out" and you will tell me "oh, I touched Daddy games" or "I not listening to you". It's like you weigh the option before hand and decide it's worth the punishment.

Daddy has become obsessed with our furnace that clicks in the basement. So obsessed, that you now will tell people that their basement clicks too. I really appreciate this!!

You can draw a capital letter "E" all by yourself. It might have more than 3 lines coming out of it, but it's a start.

If someone asks you your name, you will tell them "Lee Schweigert". You told me the other day that the dogs name was "Teal'cers Lee Schweigert" and "Kota Lee Schweigert".

If someone asks you how old you are, you will say "2, but Mason's 5". You want to be just like Mason, it's so cute. Mason (and Spencer his brother) are the neighbor boys who are really good friends with Lee.

You have been requesting peanut and butter sandwiches for lunch more and more. Before this year started, you wouldn't touch peanut butter with a 10-ft pole.

You can do summer-salts all by yourself.

That's pretty much all I have for right now. If I think of anymore I'll try and note them all down.

Friday, February 19

One Month Old

You are one month old and I can't believe how fast time is going. I try to hold you as much as I can because I know tomorrow, you are one day bigger.

This month has been pretty good, although we are finally figuring out your pooping issues. I've called the Dr. 3 times because you just seem like you're in so much pain. But as of 4 days ago, I think we have it all figured out. Who knew that a little bit of syrup could make a baby poop so much.

At 3 weeks we went to the Dr. and you weighed in at 9 pounds, 8 ounces. You were 19 inches still.

You have figured out your days from your nights. (Yeah!!). Last night was the first night of sleeping 7 hours straight through the night. You were up for an hour to eat and look around, and then slept for another 4 hours. Yeah for sleep!!

Swaddling is so-so. You sometimes love it, other times scream until we have unswaddled you.

You love to sleep on your tummy, but it makes Mommy nervous, so it doesn't happen very often.

We've had so much fun having you in our family! I can't wait to see what you're like as a toddler. I can wait... don't get me wrong... I can wait. I'm just saying, I look forward to that period, far, far from now ;)