Tuesday, January 23

Friends in Chicago!

Trish, Me & Carly

This last Sunday I met two of my bestest friends in down town Chicago to see them while they were in from Las Vegas. Their husbands went to the Bears/Saints game and we got to hang out all day.

I worked with both of these girls at Station Casinos when I lived in NV. We had such a fun afternoon walking around shopping, getting lunch, catching up and then finished up by watching the end of the game.

While we were watching the game at Carly's hotel (The Hyatt) we ordered what we thought was a "piece" of chocolate cake. You can see for yourself at the bottom of the picture that it was WAY MORE than just a piece. People kept walking by saying "look at that". We didn't even come close to making a dent in it! It was very, very good!

SIDE NOTE: I have been sick with a cold and trying to get over that so I haven't had a chance to catch up on blogs recently. I'm so sorry and I promise to read and comment as soon as I get a chance. I wanted to make 2 quick posts before I never got around to that either. I apologize again for igoring you, I promise I don't mean anything by it!

Sunday, January 7

Long Weekend Get-A-Way!

Although we have made no official "plans" as of yet, we have decided to take a 4 day weekend and go to either Kentucky or Tennessee and rent a cabin. Steve wasn't able to take a vacation last summer because he had just started his new job. So it's been almost a year and a half of doing nothing but moving and working. We usually go to FL with my parents because the only charge that we have when we go is our air fare and our food. However this year when my parents are making their way to FL, we will be home with a 1-month old ;0) (WHOO-HOO).

So we decide sometime in February we were going to make the trip and go a little more south. Here are the two options we came up with. What we were looking for was a small road trip (not very long), somewhere quiet and secluded, walking trails (or maybe take the quads somewhere), and the cabin that we stay in must have a fireplace.

Click here to see the one that I liked in Clarksville, TN.

Click here to see the one that Steve liked in Marion, IL. Even though this one is still in IL, it looked really awesome. It is still a drive to get to too, which is what we were looking for too. We wanted to do a small 1 day drive as well.

If there are any others that you have been too before and would recommend, please let me know!! I would love a great suggestion!