Saturday, July 22


I will be in sunny Florida for two weeks. We leave tomorrow morning (Sunday). Steve has to stay behind :*( I wish he could come, but starting a new job... he couldn't get the time off. I hope he's going to be ok, with his back going out and all, but he's been a lot better the last couple of days. He's sooo awesome about me going. I would hate it if the situations were reversed. Although I would do the same for him, he's been really cool about it. He's very supportive. It's basically a free vacation for me, because my parents drive, and I'm just tagging along. It's really nice!

Above is what I have been doing for last couple of weeks. We have one wall to still finish (and it's really, really high) painting and then we are done with the whole downstairs. I wanted to get the kitchen finished before I left for FL, it came out beautiful! I really like the colors. We did a pale peanut color for majority of the down stairs, and for the kitchen and one accent wall we did a "southern wood" color. That's the actual name. LOL.

Ok, I'll see you guys in 2 weeks!

Wednesday, July 19


So... we had a fun day today!
Steve threw out his back this morning by walking... and we had to go to the hospital (so he could get his back scanned). His boss kinda demanded it, so that's a very good thing!
Well, ever since this morning, Steve has been in excruciating pain. The doctors told us that he pinched a nerve and would be better after a few days. He is off of work until Monday. He goes back to the doctor then and we will find out if he can go back to work or not. He is in an awful lot of pain for just a slipped disk. I don't know if it's supposed to be this painful, but I know Steve can take a lot of pain, and he's hurting right now. If this means anything, the Viacidin that they perscribed isn't helping.

Other than that, we are watching the movie "National Treasure". If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It is very good. I'm not sure if the history is correct (like the markings on a $100 bill), but I like it.

This is just a funny picture of my sister Jackie. This was when we first moved into our house and she spent the night, the night before. She doesn't sleep over at other peoples houses very well, so when Steve woke up really early to start getting stuff done, Jackie got up with him. She & Steve spent the whole morning (from 5:30am on) unloading the garage. Kelly & I got up a little later. This is a picture of that afternoon when she feel asleep on the couch because she was so exhuasted. I thought it was so cute!!! Thank you to Jackster & Kelly Bean for all your help!! Dad & Mom too. You guys were all such a big, big help!!!

Ok, have a good night!

Thursday, July 13


I just wanted to make a quick comment and let you know (incase you have lived here and didn't know or forgot what it was like) or to let you know incase you haven't lived in Illinois before that the tempertature today was a wonderful summer temperature of 85 degrees.

Now you might ask why this might be something so special to make a whole post about it.... well, let me finish my post by saying...

IT WAS 100% HUMIDTY!!! Holy moly!!!

Just thought I would share with you ;0)

Monday, July 10

New House!

Here are the pictures of our new house. We moved in just a little over a week ago. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom w/ a basement.

The Front


Living/Family Room

Living Room w/ Dining Room Behind it. The dining room is right next to the kitchen.

Downstairs Bathroom

Basement: The puddle is from when we had the water softner installed.

Laundry Room: It's on the first floor, right next to the den & downstairs bathroom.

Den: Soon to be computer room.

Garage: Very messy, to go along with our messy house. Ha, ha...

Master Bedroom: We still need to get the corner hutch back from my Mom's. She is storing it for us.

Upstairs Bathroom: Rubber Ducky ;0)
This bathroom is upstairs between the 2 spare bedrooms. It's a jack-&-jill bathroom.

Another Picture of 2nd Bathroom: Here you can see through, I'm standing in one bedroom, looking through to the other bedroom, through the bathroom.

Back Yard: Standing at the side of our house.

Back of House: The back of our house.

Ok, I think that is everything ;0) I hope you can come visit soon, we would love to have you over!!