Wednesday, September 28


Well, for dinner tonight I made myself a bowl of cereal (don't be jealous). Steve was asleep and wasn't feel very good, so I didn't want to cook anything (especially for just one person). It was very good too. I love eating cereal for dinner. If you'd like to try something new here is a very good reciepe that I learned from my Aunt Mary Anne.

1 bowl of Honey Nut Cheerio's
1 cup of regular applesauce on top of your Cheerio's
Enough milk to fill the bowl & cereal
Mix all togther and enjoy!

It's very, very good. You have to try it. It's awesome on regular cheerio's too. It's a very healthy way to sweeten up your cereal without putting sugar on it.

Ok, LOST is on in 7 minutes. I must go. Talk again soon!

Monday, September 26

Nothin New

Well, nothing really new here. We had a very busy weekend. Here is what we did.

On Friday we went to a motox extreme freestyle thing this weekend. That was a lot of fun. There were about 10-12 guys on motor bikes doing flips, jumps, superman off their bikes... everything. It was really cool to see. I can't believe they can do backflip in the air with their bikes. It was really scary.

Saturday, we ended up getting tickets from work for the NASCAR truck series. We got tickets to one of the suites they have there so we didn't have to pay for any food or drinks. That is always a really good thing :) It was fun, but the most fun was hanging out with our friends Brooke & her husband Russell.

Sunday we caught up on all our chores. We cleaned, did laundry... all that good stuff.

Today, Steve got some really great news. He is a Slot Manager for one of our local casinos. One of the things he has to do as a manager is keep up his employee moral. Well, he was really nervous about this and hadn't had to handle employees really before. Well, about 3 months ago (I think, it could have been longer) they did an employee survey (they do these every 6 months to see how happy their employees are) and they got the scores from that survey today. 9 months ago the score was 68% which was really low considering the top score is 100%. The survey today showed that his team scored a 97.2%. YEAH STEVE ;) That's extremely hard to do.

Let's see, what else, oh... I also bought our tickets to go home to visit in December. I can't wait for that too! YEAH!!!

I don't really have anything new to post about. I'll hopefully have something more intersting to post about in a few days. Until then...

Monday, September 19


Sorry it's been so long since I have posted. We had a busy weekend. One of the things I did on Saturday was watch my good friend Shannon's little girl Alanna (she's 11 months old). Boy is she a handful. She is walking around really good now and getting into everything. She's really cute though :) Here are some pictures I took of her while we watched her.

We started by playing on my Grandma's piano. Steve had her on his lap while she pounded away. Alanna loved all the noise that she could create as you can tell by her smile. The louder the better!

After a long while at the piano she spotted the doggie-door. Dakota was trying to teach her how to go outside and here is a series of photos where you can see Alanna's thought process on how to get outside! It was really funny. I was hiding behind a buffet hutch we have so she couldn't see me.

Caught red handed - This was taken when she realized I was watching her. She forgot all about going outside and wanted the camera.

Other than watching Alanna on Saturday, Steve worked a lot, and we watched a lot of DVD episodes of LOST! I think the new season starts this Wednesday. YEAH :)


Saturday, September 10

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

Today was such a Lazy day. We had to take Steve to his eye specialist appointment at 8 this morning, it took almost 2 hours for them to do all their tests. We came home, and layed around watching TV/sleeping.

I'm looking forward to tonight though (Steve & I are meeting some friends). We are going to the KWNR 95.5 Double-Down Through-Down Country Music Fest. I'm excited because there is going to be a some really good country singers there and the tickets are only $9.55 (YEAH!).

I'll post again soon!

Tuesday, September 6

Pictures of Kayleigh

Steph wanted me to post some more photos of Kayleigh. So here are some more pictures...

This was taken when Amy moved to NV and stayed with us for a little while. We had gone for a walk with Teal'c. She is 4 years old.

This was at our old house. Kayleigh and Teal'c were playing tug-o-war. They were a good match strength wise. She is 5 years old here.

This was taken at our county fair. She was showing me how she got her face painted. She also went on every ride there. She LOVES rollercoasters. She's 6 or almost 6 here.

This was taken at Amy's bridal shower. These were the 3 flower girls Amy had in her wedding. (R-L: Hailey, Bayley & Kayleigh). Yes, they all rhyme. Kayleigh age 7.

This was at Amy & Matt's wedding. Steve and Kayleigh were dancing together. It was towards the end of the night so they were both pretty pooped. Still age 7.

This was taken just this last July for Steve's mom's birthday. It was her 60th birthday. (R-L: Kayleigh, Amy & Steve's Aunt Pat). Kayleigh age 8.

Monday, September 5

Relaxing Weekend

This weekend has been so nice! We have pretty much just hung around the house and did very little.

My whole family is in WI right now for our family reunion. I was talking to my Dad on Friday, right after they arrived, and it sounded like everyone was having a blast. I'm so jealous. I can't wait for next year when Steve and I can go. Just so you know... there is over 300 people that end up there. It might be even more. We rent out almost the entire campground at Devil's Head. It's SO much fun! Dad or Kelly, if you get a chance, post what happened.

What else is new... having Kayleigh spend the night was a lot of fun. We stayed up really late and ate a lot of junk food :) It's always nice to spoil her rotten when she is here and then send her home crabby and on a sugar high (hee, hee). She was really good though. It's always fun having her because she keeps Steve entertained too.

We had to go buy Steve some new work clothes today because he has pretty much outgrown all his dress pants that fit him 4 months ago (he is gaining weight fast). We went to the outlet mall and there is a store there (can't think of the name right now) that has all dress clothes for men. We got Steve 5 pairs of pants, 1 shirt & 2 belts for $95.85. I couldn't believe it. I almost has a brand new wardrobe for under $100 bucks. They were having a huge sale on dress pants, so we got each one for only $12.99. I couldn't believe it. They are really nice quality too. They don't wrinkle = less ironing for me ;)

I have been reading a lot also. I am currently reading Annie's Song by Catherine Anderson. It's very good!!

Hurricane Katrina

I just wanted to post a quick message to say how cool the company I work for is.

Station Casinos put together an ad plan on Thursday/Friday that was for donations to help out the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Each one of our casinos (there's 13 of them) is going to have signage and an RJ ad to advertise that guests and employees can make a donation if they would like. My company paid for all signage & the ads.

Not only are they going to advertise & take in these donations, but they are matching 100% of the proceeds.

Thursday, September 1

Prayers Welcome!

Hello again -
Sorry it's been so long since I have posted. To give you an update...
I am really looking forward to this weekend. It's a 3-day one... YEAH!

Steve's Neice Kayleigh is spending the night tomorrow night, so that should be fun, we are looking forward to that. She is always so much fun.
Here is a picture I have of her most recently. It's from Amy's wedding. That is Amy, Matt (her new husband) and Kayleigh.

My cousin Megan had her baby girl! She is so adorable! Her name is Elizabeth Grace. She was born on Monday evening at 8:23pm. She weighed over 7lb. and was 19" long. Here is a picture!

Today I found out some bad news... my Dad's sister Ruth Anne was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She had her surgery today. They found cancer in her left breast and her lymph node. It has not spread but was in a stage 3. If you remember tonight in your prayers, if you could include my Aunt Ruth Anne we would greatly appreciate that. I believe she is 3 years older than my Dad, if I have that correct.

Nothing else really new on the home front. I will post again soon!