Friday, March 26

2 Months Old

I can't believe you are 2 months old already. You are growing by leaps and bounds but I'm thankful that you're not growing as fast as your brother. You went to the Dr. on Monday and you weighed in at 11lb 8oz. You were 23" tall. You are the sweetest baby I have ever met. You love to be cuddled for a bit and then you love to lay down and look around. You also sleep and nap amazingly! You're still a bit fussy in the evenings, but nothing that's too bad. During the day you are all smiles and completely content.

Here's a few things that went on this month:
- Eating 4-5oz at almost every feeding.
- Sleeping 11 hours straight through the night.
- You still love to be swaddled.
- You love watching TV
- Mommy took you and Lee out by herself for the first time this month.

Lee loves you so much and is always looking out for you. He always runs in your room in the morning when you wake up. He will walk by and give you a kiss on the head. You and Lee were watching Snow White and Lee came over and told you "it's ok baby sister, it's not scary" when the evil witch was casting her spell. When you cry he will find you a bink and give it to you. He has tried jumping over you, but was stopped by Papa just in time. He still isn't really into holding you but at this moment, that's ok with Mommy.

Your schedule now (and it's been this way for over a month now) is:
8am - Wake up, drink bottle
9:30-10:30am - Nap
Noon - Wake up, bottle
1:30pm - Nap
4pm - Wake up, bottle
5:30pm - Nap
6:30pm - Wake up, bottle
8pm - bottle
9pm - Bedtime
*You fall asleep almost 1.5hours on the dot from when you woke up from nap.

Wednesday, March 3

Look what Lee can do!

Tonight Steve and I were talking about how Lee doesn't have an attention span. It's about 15 seconds. I was telling Steve that I bet Lee could sing his ABC's if he could focus long enough. If I sing the ABC's and stop at any point, Lee would tell me what letter came next. After that, Steve asked Lee to sing the ABC's and Lee did the whole thing from beginning to end. I then bribed him with 2 vitamins if he would do it again so we could tape it. So here's a good example of that 15 second attention span, as well as most of his ABC's. They are in bits and pieces but they are mostly there.

A Smile is Worth...

Everything!! You started smiling yesterday! I went to get you out of your crib and you gave Mommy this HUGE smile. I fed you your bottle and another smile. Than last night as I was getting you ready for bed... like 10 more smiles ;) I love it! My heart just melts everytime.