Wednesday, May 31

Updates ...

So... we have been in IL for just over a week now. Here is what we have been up to.

We finally, after a 39 hour drive (straight through) arrived at my Dad's house Monday at 1:30am. We went straight to be because we were both exhausted. After we slept for a few hours, we got up and started to unload the moving truck. That was all unloaded (with the help from some of my family members) by about 4pm. That was so nice to have it all unpacked and done, it was such a relief. Steve also got a call from his IL boss asking him if he could start work on Tuesday because they were so behind, and they would give him Friday off to get himself moved from Missouri. So, the very next morning (Tuesday) Steve got up and went to his new job in Joliet, IL for the very first time. He was nervous, but he really liked working there better. The people he worked with were much more "chicago-ized" as Steve says. He says the guys that he works with are very much like his uncles (say CUBS & DA-BULLS) etc.

Wednesday, I went and visited with my Mom and saw her for a little bit. We didn't do much, just relaxed and spent time together. We went to lunch at Chilis also. I took her out for Mother's Day.

Thursday, I went over to my Mom's a little bit again, we ended up running some errands and my Mom gave Jackie a hair cut. Thursday evening, Steve & I left after he got off of work, and drove to St. Louis, MO to pack up his things he had in his apartment. We pretty much drove down there on Thursday, and went straight to bed. I was tired from driving and Steve was working all day, plus tired from me nagging him to stay awake!

Friday, Steve had to finish up his paperwork at his MO IGT job and I had to go find a vacuume (since mine broke in NV right when we were leaving). I then picked Steve up from work and we drove to his brothers house (2 hours south of St. Louis). He lives in a really cool area called Marble Hill. He has about 10 acres, a pond and a really cool race track. It's really neat. He was storing the trailer and quad while Steve lived in the apartment. We picked that up and drove the 2 more hours north to pack up the apartment. We didn't end up getting that done until 11:30pm Friday night.

Saturday, we got in about 4:30am and slept a few hours, until I got up to attend Jackie's graduation. Let me say that again... she graduated HIGH SCHOOL!! I can't believe how BIG she is... it's amazing. She did really good, she got her "certificate" because she needs to finish out her schooling at E.C.C. before she can get her diploma. It's just that her program at Streamwood High ended for as far as Jackie could go there. She will be attending summer school this year, just like always and then start college in the fall. After the graduation, we went to Applebeas and had a graduation lunch where Jackie proceeded to hug the door greater... she was so excited. Later on Saturday night, Anna, Tash & Nicole came over to visit for a bit. I almost feel asleep (due to the 3 hours of sleep) and went to bed early.

Sunday, I traveled to Bellwood, IL to pick up my Aunt Helma so we could all attend the graduation of my other sister Donika. That was really fun too, it was just really hot. She looked beautiful! After the incredibley hot ceremony, we went to dinner at some italian place in Oakbrooke that I couldn't pronounce if I tried. It was really, really good. Drove everyone home and started to organize the basement after we got back home.

Monday (Happy Memorial Day), Steve & I stayed in and organized the basement a little. We were tired of not being able to find anything. We had clothes & dishes all put in one box, so we redid all that and put a lot of things away. It was nice to finally be able to find my PJ's again. LOL.

That's pretty much all that has happened the past week. It's been very busy, so I apologize if I have not been good about keeping you up to date. Hopefully in the next few weeks it will slow down. This week & next we will be house hunting around the Joliet area. If you are reading this from NV, I miss you tons and I hope to hear from you soon! If you are reading this from IL, I miss you tons and I hope to see you soon ;0)

With Love,

PS - I promised you pictures, but they are still in my camera, I promise to post them very soon. There were some really cute ones!

Monday, May 15


So, my all of my friends threw me a suprise going away party, well tried to make it a surprise... sorry about that again. It was so much fun (even though I found out before hand) I had a BLAST!! Here are some pictures from the party. It was Hawaiian themed. Some of the activities included (but not limited to): eating, drinking, talking, lots of laughing, hula hooping, limboing, pictionary and sharades. It was fun! Thank you SO much to everyone that helped out and a special thanks to Brooke & Trish for planning & hosting it! I wish I had more pictures to share, my camera messed up some of them.

I know that I don't update my blog that often, but I am going to try really hard to keep it up. Here's the catch, I won't be able to update it for about a week. I have to take apart the computer tomorrow and then we leave on Saturday. So I should be able to update mid next week. I'll post and let you know how the move went. I'll talk to you soon!




NOTE: So my computer won't let me upload anymore pictures. So I am going to put it on a new post. This is so weird why it's acting this way... dumb computer...