Saturday, February 5

My Dear Sweet Baby Boy,

I absolutely love that when you want to talk to God, you will walk over to a window or door and look up at the sky. It must have clicked that we have told you God is in Heaven and Heaven is in the sky. I love the little boy you are becoming... well, most days ;)~


Jacqui Skibbens said...

He looks so big in this picture! Holy moly!

That is just so sweet how he talks to God. I love the faith of children, so real, not shaped by what the world tells you, or insecurities, just pure, innocent love for our God. So sweet.

Crystal Starr said...

He does look so big is starting to look older too! LOVE IT!

The best and most important thing we ever teach our kids, is about God and His true and great love for us!! You continue to amaze me everyday Sara. LOVE YOU!

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