Thursday, July 7

4 Years Old!

 My dear sweet baby boy.  You don't care for me calling you that anymore.  You would prefer that I used "big boy" instead.  Ha, ha. 

So much has changed in the last year.  You have just become such a sweet boy!  I was sitting here tonight editing pictures and you just poked your head around the corner.  It's 11:45pm.  You were thirsty and wanted a cup to bring to bed.  You crawled on my lap, and gave me a kiss, then looked at me and smiled.  telling me you love me.  You must have been dreaming in bed about pow-pow's (guns) because you told me about the neighbor boy who has a gun that you lay on the ground with and shoot.  The last 2 times you have played with him, he wouldn't give you a turn and this apparently has wrecked your sleep :). 

To say you are slightly obsessed with pow-pow's, is an understatement!   You have your sister picking up TV remotes and saying "peeechew, peeechew" like she's firing a gun.

Speaking of sharing, you are such an amazing big brother!  You sing to her when she's crying.  You can't wait to get in her room, in the morning.  You are always talking for her, telling me what she needs/wants.  The love you have for her and everyone really shocks me.  Although to be fair, when you get angry, it's just as shocking.  You do everything with your whole heart.  Your new favorite game is to lay on the ground and Elsie will come run and sit/tackle you and you guys laugh and laugh.  Elise has taken to caring for you too.  She will bring you your blanket, cups, food, snacks or the toy you were just playing with.  She still can't say your name and you have noticed this.  She just makes the "L" sound.  Just about 10 times a day, Elsie will walk up to you and lean into you for a hug.  She then goes from saying "awww" to "arughhhghh" because you have squeezed her too tightly. 

You asked me one evening when I was going to be done being married to Daddy because you wanted to marry me.  After I explained that we can't get married, you sighed and then said "ok, I guess I'll just marry Elsie".  Ha, ha.  Can't do that either!  Sorry bud!
You will talk to anyone at anytime.  You definitely have my personality when it comes to wanting to meet new people and have friends.  It takes you all of 10 seconds to make a friend at a park.  If someone were to steal you, I would never know, because you love everyone.  At the sprinkler park, you were shooting a mom, who was reading, with your water gun.  After I explained that she is not dressed to get wet and that it wasn't nice, you went over and apologized to her. 

You love to ride your bike.  This is one of the things that is new this year.  You can peddle a 2 wheel bike with training wheels.  You are really good at it too!  You started to get yourself dressed too.  All the way to putting shoes on.  You get yourself breakfast every morning.  You usually don't come upstairs to get me until after you're done eating.  This is really nice and I would like to tell you, I love it!  Although, when Daddy is home on the weekend, you just can't wait for him to wake up.  My favorite mornings are when I don't realize you're next to me, and when I wake up, you're laying there quietly waiting for me to wake up. 

You're first time bowling was just in May.  Grandma helped you the whole time and you got pretty frustrated when you're ball didn't go where you wanted it to.  All-in-all, you liked it though.

I took these pictures on the 4th of July.  I realized that I hadn't taken you're 4 year pictures and since we were going to watch fireworks, you took a late nap.  It was the perfect time to get you out of the house with just Mommy to snap a few pictures.  You have realized that if you cooperate quickly, we are done in 5 minutes and that is all it takes! 

Last but not least, I don't think I could love you anymore than I already do.  But somehow, tomorrow, I will.  Everyone that you are around tells us how smart you are.  Daddy and I love listening to your talks and watching you figure something out.  We just love YOU!  I can't believe you are 4 years old.  This time is just flying by.   I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  Mommy


Liz said...

Sara, I love reading your entries. You are so good at putting down your thoughts. Lee will treasure this when he gets older. He has grown up to be such a sweet sweet boy. We love too and are so happy that all of you are a part of our lives:)

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